Mark Ross

Founder & Chief Farmer

Mark has been organically gardening for over 25 years, growing wonderful, home-grown fruits and vegetables. In 2008, Mark wanted to get young people involved in gardening and become aware of the food they eat, so he approached the local elementary school, where his 2 daughters attended, to start a school garden. Mark wanted students to learn how to grow food organically and improve their nutrition by adding more fresh and healthy produce to their diets. Thus, he founded the Stone Mill Elementary School Garden. Mark volunteers his time each week to meet with students. Together, they plant, weed and harvest on the school grounds where Mark created a garden space. They discuss different topics related to organic gardening and being good stewards of our planet. The students compost all of the garden waste, vermi-compost to get the rich worm castings, learn about drip irrigation, pollination and practice organic pest control. As of early 2017, over 1000 students have signed up to participate for this free program. With Mark’s knowledge and experience in growing organic food, he helped found Metro Microgreens with his wife Debbie. Mark follows strict organic growing methods and adheres to GAP guidelines (Good Agricultural Practices) for food safety and cleanliness. Growing microgreens is such a perfect fit for Mark. He runs the farm operation.

Debbie Ross

Co-Founder and Director of Sales & Marketing

Debbie is an enthusiastic supporter of anything that promotes good health and nutrition, and early on, Debbie jumped in with both feet for Metro Microgreens. Debbie’s background is sales & marketing so she handles the business side of Metro Microgreens. She makes sure the company exceeds all the guidelines for food safety and all of the administrative and regulatory paperwork. Debbie also meets with restaurants, caterers and farmer’s markets to promote our products, discuss specific client needs and how we can continuously improve our product and service. Debbie makes some deliveries and orders all of the company supplies.

Carly Ross

Director of Social Networking & Website

Carly is a full time student, but actively involved in the growth of Metro Microgreens. Carly juggles her studies, busy social life and helping promote the business. This young lady is acutely aware of how to promote Metro Microgreens through Instagram and our website. Carly posts pictures of our many varieties of microgreens and assists at our farmer’s market stand each week. Carly is our young entrepreneur.

Lindsay Ross

Co-Director of Social Networking & IT Expert

Lindsay is a full time student, but actively involved in Metro Microgreens. Focusing on her high school education is Lindsay’s main goal right now as she prepares for college; she still handles many of our deliveries each week and assists at our farmer’s market stand. Anytime, there’s a tech glitch, Lindsay is our problem solver. Attending college is in Lindsay’s near-term plans, but will remain an asset to our company for the long term.